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By Haley Powers

GHS Girls golf is at it again this week. Monday April 21st, 2014 the girls headed up to Gypsum Creek for another great turn out.  The team took three JV girls this tournament, Megan Cox, Julie Dusbabek, and Haley Powers.  The JV Team did a fantastic job at this tournament bringing home a second place trophy for the first time this year.  Varsity did very good as well on the course said, “to be the hardest course she has ever played on” by their coach Mrs. Miller. Wednesday April 23rd, 2014 the Girls’ Golf Team is selling concessions at the track meet to raise as much money as they can for next year!   Thursday April 24th, 2014 the girls are going to Durango early in the morning.  They weren’t supposed to be going to this tournament but the coach believes its great practice and it will help them get to Regionals if they really try hard.  Friday April 25th, 2014, it’s JV’s turn to show off their skills at the one and only JV tournament in Grand Junction at the Chipetta Course.  All the JV girls are super excited for this, because they get their own chance.

Saturday April 26th the whole team has to caddy for a Gunnison tournament to also raise money for next year.  Caddying is a very good way to raise money especially if you are in girl’s golf.

Next week the girls have two more tournaments until Regionals.  On Sunday they will be heading to Yampa to stay the night for the long day laid before them on Monday April 28th.  This tournament is going to be another regional qualifier for all varsity players if they choose to qualify.  On Wed April 30th they finally have a home tournament at Dos Rios. This is really good for our girls to be able to play at home!